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neponsit real estate

Bad Math

I've come across a few sellers who have grossly inaccurate views
concerning the values of belle harbor realty.
They believe that just simply because they
paid “x” and put “y” into the property, that the rentals are now worth
“x+y”. This concept works in algebra, but not in our real estate market.
Inaccurate views by sellers happen usually at the outset of the sale process. The
sellers don’t yet realize the considerable amount of setup work made by the broker on other
properties which helped find this buyer.
The need for a home in today’s marketplace is based on comparable sales within a recent
time period (3-6 months). Whether or not the seller finds an uninformed buyer who'd pay too
much, it comes with an excellent chance the deal won't close. Why? Any buyer who needs
a mortgage would find that the bank appraisal could be too low to justify how big the
mortgage required to complete the deal.
Some brokers are extremely prepared to take these pie-in-the-sky listings, because they are hungry
for new inventory (shows share of the market - even when too expensive). If you want a precise,
free market analysis then give me a call.
Call me...love, Robin

When an offer is created on a new listing the
seller thinks “it’s easy”. He thinks he'll be able to do better because
the procedure just started and sometimes he is able to fare better. However, in
a lot of situations this is not the situation. The real estate broker
usually brings his best, most qualified, most experienced buyers towards the new listing immediately.
The broker does this in order to try to be a step in front of the competition and/or facilitate
a deal with his buyer before his buyer finds another property (or changes his plans).
The seller is reaping the benefits of much prior work and advertisement of other properties
through the broker.
Consequently, the vendor who dismisses a first good offer purely because it was presented
too soon may be making a big mistake. Our housing market is still a buyers market.
Almost every listing price must have a minimum of some negotiating room in it. Therefore,
a deal within hailing distance from the listing price should be seriously considered. Of course,
as stated before, better offers can materialize over the years. The issue could be a

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